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seval sandai
Water Colours

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Elephant with pillayar
Oil & Acrylic

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pen drawings

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Mix Media

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Welcome to Sivabalan.net

Sivabalan's paintings remind you about nativity and rural Indian villages, which we rarely see in our concrete jungle lifestyle. Grown in Kumbakonam, a town known for Cholas temples and lush green fields, he developed interest towards arts from his early years. He has a Masters Degree on Fine arts from Government college of Fine Arts, Kumbakonam.

His inspiration for water color paintings were from “My interest was always with registering paintings which reminds you about our culture, tradition and rural lifestyle. With this fast pace changes we see in our city lifestyle, my paintings would show how people were living for coming generations”

Though he predominantly works with water color medium, he has special place for his oil paintings as well!!

Sivabalan has won many major awards at national level shows!! Watching Sivabalan’s paintings is a feast for all art lover